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Developing Ruby on Rails Applications with Netbeans 6

Netbeans 6 being officially released at years end will bring some nice new features. One of these features will be Ruby and Ruby on Rails integration. So far I haven’t found any IDE supporting Ruby on Rails developing like it will be possible with Netbeans 6. You can already play around with it and build some sample applications or try to build one yourself: Just download a Preview of Netbeans 6 here. After you’ve installed it go to Tools and Plugins and install all Ruby and Ruby on Rails Plugins available. More information can be found on Tor’s Blog!

netbeans 6 ruby on rails

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  Tim Dysinger wrote @ June 2nd, 2007 at 20:38

Or you could just download the NetBeans Ruby IDE stand alone version. I put an article about it on my blog blog.

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