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Archive for July, 2007

A short tutorial about Ruby on Rails and Netbeans 6

I just posted my small Rails tutorial in combination with Netbeans 6 in the Community Docs section of

You can find it here

Running on Rails or how to build a small running application with Ruby on Rails

I just made a very small tutorial with Ruby on Rails. I only wanted to compare JSF with Facelets and JPA to Ruby on Rails. You can find these tutorials in the Page navigation on the right side of the page or here:

And that is the Rails way…

I found a nice website maintained by a member of the Ruby on Rails core team. Well, what’s the site all about? You can send Michael and Jamis your web application developed with Ruby on Rails, they will walk through the code and give you hints, what can be done better. Their hints and tips to your application are published on

support with ror support with ruby on rails the rails way