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Finding my way to Ruby on Rails deploy with Capistrano2, Mongrel Cluster and Apache2

Well I still haven’t got everything right, but I’m getting very close to it. So far I managed to run Capsitrano2 over my application, export the whole code to a SuSE 10.2 vmware Image, launch a Mongrel Cluster and test it. Next steps will be to configure Apache2 an then I will try to extend the Capistrano2 Script to deploy to more than one machine.

Here are some Links I found:

  1. Codahale ( Very good tutorial about the topic )
  2. Mongrel Webpage ( helped me to configure a Mongrel Cluster and has some additional Information )
  3. Capistrano2 Page ( a more detailed documentation for Capistrano2 would be awesome! )
  4. Capistrano Manual ( Codahale mentioned it on his page, seems to be for Capistrano 1.* — but I will take a look at it )
  5. Scaling Rails ( Jonathan uses Apache 2.2, Mongrel and Mysql5 for )

I’ll add more Links here, as soon as possible.

capistrano capistrano2 mongrel mongrel cluster ruby on rails


  Rene wrote @ September 18th, 2007 at 20:56

Did you ever figure out how to have Apache serve your apps static content (images/javascript/css)? I found your blog from a question posted somewhere on the internet. I’m in the same boat and currently tearing my hair out. My production server isn’t the kind one wants to tinker with as it serves several other apps.

  dboek wrote @ September 18th, 2007 at 21:11

Hey Rene, unfortunately not. I gave up and switched to Pound as my Load Balancer. Pound is very easy to handle and able to manage tons of requests. You may be able to put Pound in front of your Apache. Pound is able to forward Requests to different kinds of servers. So you could forward some of the requests to Apache and others to your Rails processes. Your old apps would still be accessible. I will keep my eyes open and hopefully stumble upon a solution to the Apache Static Content Problem….. Hope it helps a bit, greets Daniel

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