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RSpec Screencasts and Tutorials for Rails

Searching the Web and Amazon I didn’d really find a useful website helping me to learn RSpec in an easy way. The RSpec website is a good starting point. There are already a bunch of examples, but for me it was sometimes hard to follow, especially the mock section.
I recently stumbled upon Peepcode Screencasts again and found 4 Screencasts about using RSpec with Rails. I never thought about searching the page, because every Screencast has to be bought.
Well I now I think differently. I bought all 4 Screencasts and don’t regret it. A 210 Minutes, well structured, Video Tutorial divided into 3 parts. Starting with the Basics you develop a Rails Application using RSpec as the Test Environment. The last Screencast is about using “User Stories” in RSpec, a nice Add-On.
For every RSpec Screencast there is a Preview available.

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