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Finding my way to Ruby on Rails deploy with Capistrano2, Mongrel Cluster and Apache2

Well I still haven’t got everything right, but I’m getting very close to it. So far I managed to run Capsitrano2 over my application, export the whole code to a SuSE 10.2 vmware Image, launch a Mongrel Cluster and test it. Next steps will be to configure Apache2 an then I will try to extend the Capistrano2 Script to deploy to more than one machine.

Here are some Links I found:

  1. Codahale ( Very good tutorial about the topic )
  2. Mongrel Webpage ( helped me to configure a Mongrel Cluster and has some additional Information )
  3. Capistrano2 Page ( a more detailed documentation for Capistrano2 would be awesome! )
  4. Capistrano Manual ( Codahale mentioned it on his page, seems to be for Capistrano 1.* — but I will take a look at it )
  5. Scaling Rails ( Jonathan uses Apache 2.2, Mongrel and Mysql5 for )

I’ll add more Links here, as soon as possible.

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