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Some Links for Developing with Rails

April 22, 2008 at 11:55

Some Links for Developing with Ruby and Rails that saved me a lot of time.

  • A List on how to get your Rails App Secure I found this page looking for a discussion on Rails 2.0 Cookies, how secure this kind of Session store might be. It answered me not only the cookie question, but also gave me many more hints on Rails security.
  • A simple Authentication for Rails That’s a really good implementation to know and have at hand, because if you develop a small Rails app for a friend, customer or whatever and you want him to watch the progress easily over Internet, but no one else should see the app, that would be a quick and nice way to restrict it.
  • Multiple Ruby Versions on Leopard for some reason my Ruby preinstalled with Leopard didn’t work anymore, so I searched for an alternative on how to install a fresh ruby on my Mac and found this great tutorial.
  • Deploying a Rails App a very nice Tutorial and the helpful comments at the end of the blog make it complete.
  • Flex and Rails Flex can add very nice functionality to a web application and it’s even better to know how and that it works with Rails.
  • Railscast Well this is a page you should know, if you have an iPod, iPhone, use iTunes, etc. Ryan regulary talks in his Video Podcasts about developing with Rails, I watch the Podcasts in the train on my way to work.

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